This Is Who We Are

GYC’s moto adapted in 2017 was very simple, however has become a powerful statement that we live by;

“Never above you. Never below you. ALWAYS beside you!” – ; GY6

Since the late 1990’s GYC’s mission and foundation has always been to support our local public safety departments by providing best in class uniform manufacturers in the business. While through the years we have grown by leaps and bounds our focus has always been to be the leaders within our industry. GYC belief has focused on creating what we like to call the CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE rather than Customer Service. To us, customer service is just one small step in the overall big picture. By creating a lasting experience with each customer, we believe we create a bigger family.

Support of our Public Safety Officer in our communities have diminished over the last few year, GYC mission is to change that one step at a time. We want each Police Officer, Firefighter, EMT-B, EMT-I, EMT-P, Security Officer, Medical Staff Personnel to know GYC has their backs (GY6), and we support them each and every day.

We are often asked if in the wording “;GY6” if there was a typo and the answer is “No.” We created this catch phrase to include the semicolon as a creative break. In English Grammar a semicolon indicate an audible pause, in the case of “;GY6” it means “Pause/Take a breath WE GOT YOUR BACK!